Swedish, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Reflexology

30-min $40  /  60-min $70  /  90-min $100

Include Hot Stones, Warm Bamboo, MediCupping™ – $10

Couples Massage
60-min $145   90-min $205
Hot Stones– Add $20

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Body Glow (30 min) – $45
A full body scrub using Dead Sea Salt in a decadent, creamy emulsion (with a variety of scents).  Then removed with warm spa towels and application of a moisturizer, leaving your skin feeling silky and hydrated.

Great when followed with an Aromasteam Session!

Back Facial (60 min) – $60
A deep cleansing treatment for the back. Great for people who tend to have breakouts or rough patches on that hard-to-reach area. Men also love this treatment!

Purity Wrap (75 min) – $80
After exfoliation, essential oils and a rebalancing algae wrap are applied to the body. The body is then cocooned in thermal blankets for 20 minutes. A light massage afterwards to further absorb the product into the body as it continues to detoxify throughout the day. No rinsing required!

Aromatherapy Steam – Full Body (20 min) – $15
Enjoy a soothing flow of herbal infused steam while relaxing on the treatment table under a dome.

Infrared Sauna (30 min) – $30
Many therapeutic benefits include weight loss, detoxification, relaxation, pain relief, lower blood pressure, skin purification, and improved circulation.

Ear Candling (45-60 min) – $45
2 paraffin “candles” in each ear.  May help with respiratory and hearing issues.

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Eyebrows – $10
Lip or Chin – $6
Back – $30
Bikini – $20 and up (Females Only)
Full Leg – $50
Half Leg – $30
Arms – $20
Under-arms – $15


Eyelashes $15
Eyebrows $10

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Harmony Facial (45 min) – $50
Cleanse, steam, serums, facial massage, hydrating mask and moisturizer. A great European facial! (Extractions not included)

Oxygen Deep Pore Enzyme Facial (60 min) – $65
This facial incorporates an enzyme mask to exfoliate dull skin and extract the pores. Customized with specialty serums which makes it great for all skin types.

Acne Facial (60 min) – $60
Using clinical-grade acne products, this is a great treatment for teen and adult acne. The optional High Frequency machine can also be used to destroy P-Acne bacteria.

Aromatherapy Lymphatic Facial – (60 min) – $70
This anti-aging facial also includes lymphatic drainage massage using MediCupping™ which  increases nourishment and hydration to the tissues and stimulates the lymphatic system to carry away stagnant waste and excess fluid. This treatment will leave you looking very natural, diminish wrinkles, shrink the bags under your eyes, and reduce any facial scarring.

Ultrasonic Facial Rejuvenation (60 min) – $80
Ultrasonic and Galvanic waves deeply cleanse the skin by loosening dead skin cells and extracting dirt and oil from the pores. The Galvanic waves drive nourishing serums into the skin creating heat in the deeper skin tissues which stimulates collagen production, thus reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion – (15 min) – $20
Add-on to any Facial. Exfoliation using a diamond-encrusted applicator tip and vacuum. A portion of the stratum corneum is removed to reveal fresher, younger skin.

Chemical Micro-Peels (30 min) – $60
Glycolic – For fine lines and hyper-pigmentation
Salicylic – For acne skin, kills p-acne bacteria

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Suggestions for Spa Packages or Customize your own – Take 5% off total services

Time for Renewal (1¾ hours) – $95.00
Body Glow, Aromasteam, 30-min Massage

Serenity Now (1¾ hours) – $99.75
30-min Massage, Aromasteam, Harmony Facial

**30-minute massages can be upgraded to 60-minutes for $30 more.

Side-by-side services that require special set up such as couples massage and packages should be booked via phone so that we can coordinate the multiple technicians/therapists.  336-749-2406

Select Four and Save!

Save Money and Time by Purchasing a Package of 4 Services
30-min Massage – $136  ($24 savings)
60-min Massage – $240  ($40 savings)
90-min Massage – $340  ($60 savings)

Add-on Hot Stones, Warm Bamboo, or Cupping – $32  ($8 savings)

Harmony Facial – $180  ($20 savings)

Deep Pore Facial – $220  ($40 savings)

Acne Facial –   $208  ($32 savings)

Lymphatic Facial – $240  ($60 savings)

Ultrasonic Facial – $260  ($60 savings)

MicroPeels – $208  ($32 savings)

Add-on Microdermabrasion to any facial – $72  ($8 savings)

Infrared Sauna $100  ($20 savings)

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